About William Case CF' is a disabled person with experience of being supported to have his voice heard by a community advocate back in 2009. Prior to this, he was isolated within the community and never felt understood. After working with his community advocate, William then embarked on an internationally recognised leadership course called ‘PartnersinPolicyMaking, which gave William the confidence to advocate for himself and support other people through the challenging system of social care.

In 2011, William was the first person in the UK with Cerebral Palsy to be awarded with the Winston Churchill Fellowship.  'The Churchill Fellowship' (as it's now known) gave him the opportunity to travel to North America and Canada for 4 weeks to study 'Best Practice of Disability'. When William returned home, he was privileged to advise the Coalition Government on the Children and Families Act. 

He's also the Founder & CEO of Your Support Matters CIC, which is an organisation that he set up to support people to find PAs and navigate the social care system on a peer to peer model. They offer support for both the Individual Employer and the Personal Assistant which makes them  unique.

William believes that everybody has the right to have their voice heard! Over the years William has been widely recognised in Health & Social Care and Education, Nationally and Internationally making him one of the UK Leading experts on Person Centred Planning and Disability Rights.

One of William's specialisms is Employment and Policy Design which you can read more about on the Services page, he can also be asked to be a keynote speaker at conferences .